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Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Addendum

Harry, now listen to Speaker Boehner.  He has some and they are just beginning to get a brass coating on them.  All Right, John.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Mr. Reid, you are afraid of the Republicans.  You are afraid of their plans/bills. Aren't you?   You are afraid of honest debate about a subject that is very important to this country right about now.  You are just a little baby boy who is afraid that if you talk about the Republicans plans, they might be passed  and you would lose.  BOO-HOO!  Why don't you grow up and grow some male appendages between your legs.  You are afraid the Republican plan might pass.  Wow!  Who voted for you, anyway?  Were any of them alive at the time?  Could any of them read or hear or have any ability for intelligent thought.  If they did, they over matched you by a football field length because you have no sense.  You are like the neighborhood bully who says, "If I can't win, then I'll just take the game ball and go home with it.  If I can't win, then you can't play. " I really don't know how you ever got elected.  Wow! 

The American people can see what you are really doing.  This is our future and the future of our children and grand-children you are playing with here!  Be a man and have some discussion about these bills.  Use the system; stop abusing it! 

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Press Conference with Press Secretary Carney Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1:13 PM
Mr. Carney, after beginning with some stuff  nobody cares about, said that the President wants compromise.  Then why won't he compromise?  What he wants is a compromise that requires the Republicans to do all the compromising.   We need to come to a real compromise within six days. 

Now back to the Debt Crisis.

As we all know, the "Boehner Plan" IS a compromise to wit raising the debt ceiling AND cutting $1 Trillion from current spending.  Pollsters say that the public seems to be apoplectic about all that is going on and not going on with the Debt and Budget.  They want a resolution.  However, a resolution and any cost would be disastrous.  Speaker Boehner and the Republicans need to hold fast and not give in to the Democrats. 

The time will come sooner or later that they will "cry uncle" and not let the last day go by, but if they do, it will be on them

Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

President's Speech

He began by whining about what he inherited when he took office (three years ago?) 
Following is my version,  in my own words,  of what I felt he really meant to say.

  1. Let's make big, unprecedented  cuts.  A balanced approach.   Which the Republicans wouldn't approve.  The debate is about how we can raise taxes without people knowing it.
  1. John Boehner is my buddy but those other bums won't give in to me and give me more of what I want -- taxes.  They just want to cut, cap, and balance.  I want spend, spend, spend.  They are both pretty similar.  Right?
  1. I am the new and improved (liberal) Ronald Regan
  1. Let's tax the people who are in a position to increase employment.  That's a good idea, huh.
  1. Every body before me raised taxes, why can't I?
  1. Debt Ceiling -- everybody else raised it before me .  Why can't I?
  2. If we don't raise the Debt Ceiling, it is all going to fall apart.  We will default on all our debts.
  3. A six month extension on the Debt Ceiling won't give me enough time to make all the tax  increases  I want.
  1. Let's talk about the Social Security recipients who will lose their benefits if we don't do it my way.
  1. This situation is all because of the Republicans.  I need a bill I can sign -- no cuts and more taxes.
  1. All the new members of congress just don't get how things really work around here.  They only want to cut, cap, and balance.
  2. If we don't come to an agreement that I can sign, John and Jane Public will come home from work, and see a Congress that won't compromise and give in to Harry Reid.  Oops, I forgot that wily Harry's position is now to my right.  He is reqlly falling behind.
  3. Today, we remember Americans who did more  for their country.  We remember the Americans who compromised and gave in.

I wonder why he didn't mention all the attempts to reverse the health care bill that was shoved down our throats.

After the speech, Speaker Boehner said the congress is going to pass a compromise bill (Senate too) but he doubts the president will sign it.  He said that if we break the strangle hold the debt  has on us, then we can get on with the other matters like cut, cap, balance.

And On It Goes!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Speaker Boehner -- I don't know if he just found them, or if he just finally decided to use those two things between his legs.  You, go, John!  The president said the Republicans are unwilling to compromise.  He and Senate Majority Leader Reid need only to look into the mirror to see who is unwilling to compromise.  The President wants to claim his eleventh-hour "demand" that he be given an "additional" $800Billion in new taxes.  Mr.  Boehner says he is working on a two-part plan to raise the debt-ceiling.  Don't do it without a stiff dose of cutting back some of those expenses and don't do it on the backs of the people who have paid and paid into Social Security and Medicare for all those years.  Their the only recipients of those "entitlements" who are actually entitled to them.

Representative Bachmann is holding firm as well.  She has offered the President a seat on the bus beside her as she goes through Iowa, South Carolina, etc. so that he can give the people his views as they listen to Ms.  Bachmann's view.  I wonder if he will meet her at the bus stop?  I sincerely doubt it.  It might be good for the country as it would accomplish two things.  1) it would give him a chance to actually meet some "unrehearsed constituents" and it would give him a chance to try to speak impromptu without a prompter.

I saw Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu  on "Huckabee".  What a nice man he is! The Israelis' have really had a rough deal.  Lots of uninformed and probably uneducated people continue to say the Israeli's should give back Palestine to the Palestinians.  To them I say, read a little and find out that the Palestinians are "Johnny-come-latelys.  The Israelis' had been there since approximately 2100 B.C. before they were ousted by the Romans in the early years of the A.D. period until 1948 when they were officially recognized as a country. Reading is a good thing.  Really!