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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Press Conference with Press Secretary Carney Wednesday, July 27, 2011

1:13 PM
Mr. Carney, after beginning with some stuff  nobody cares about, said that the President wants compromise.  Then why won't he compromise?  What he wants is a compromise that requires the Republicans to do all the compromising.   We need to come to a real compromise within six days. 

Now back to the Debt Crisis.

As we all know, the "Boehner Plan" IS a compromise to wit raising the debt ceiling AND cutting $1 Trillion from current spending.  Pollsters say that the public seems to be apoplectic about all that is going on and not going on with the Debt and Budget.  They want a resolution.  However, a resolution and any cost would be disastrous.  Speaker Boehner and the Republicans need to hold fast and not give in to the Democrats. 

The time will come sooner or later that they will "cry uncle" and not let the last day go by, but if they do, it will be on them

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