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Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday, July 25, 2011

President's Speech

He began by whining about what he inherited when he took office (three years ago?) 
Following is my version,  in my own words,  of what I felt he really meant to say.

  1. Let's make big, unprecedented  cuts.  A balanced approach.   Which the Republicans wouldn't approve.  The debate is about how we can raise taxes without people knowing it.
  1. John Boehner is my buddy but those other bums won't give in to me and give me more of what I want -- taxes.  They just want to cut, cap, and balance.  I want spend, spend, spend.  They are both pretty similar.  Right?
  1. I am the new and improved (liberal) Ronald Regan
  1. Let's tax the people who are in a position to increase employment.  That's a good idea, huh.
  1. Every body before me raised taxes, why can't I?
  1. Debt Ceiling -- everybody else raised it before me .  Why can't I?
  2. If we don't raise the Debt Ceiling, it is all going to fall apart.  We will default on all our debts.
  3. A six month extension on the Debt Ceiling won't give me enough time to make all the tax  increases  I want.
  1. Let's talk about the Social Security recipients who will lose their benefits if we don't do it my way.
  1. This situation is all because of the Republicans.  I need a bill I can sign -- no cuts and more taxes.
  1. All the new members of congress just don't get how things really work around here.  They only want to cut, cap, and balance.
  2. If we don't come to an agreement that I can sign, John and Jane Public will come home from work, and see a Congress that won't compromise and give in to Harry Reid.  Oops, I forgot that wily Harry's position is now to my right.  He is reqlly falling behind.
  3. Today, we remember Americans who did more  for their country.  We remember the Americans who compromised and gave in.

I wonder why he didn't mention all the attempts to reverse the health care bill that was shoved down our throats.

After the speech, Speaker Boehner said the congress is going to pass a compromise bill (Senate too) but he doubts the president will sign it.  He said that if we break the strangle hold the debt  has on us, then we can get on with the other matters like cut, cap, balance.

And On It Goes!

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